So its a no. The real polo black only takes 1 or 2 sprays and it will almost take your breath away and will still be noticed to leave in after 24 hours. Takes me back to a past time. I'm not sure why this scent is so polarizing, but it definitely can be too overwhelming for some occasions. Green, green, jumping bean! Let me put it this way, if it is reformulated just think of it as a new perfume and it would stand head and shoulders above any new release or any of the new Tom Ford Fougeres. There is no age for a great fragrance, and Polo is one of those ageless perfumes that will become a classic. When I was in my teens, I loved it. someone recently said to me while I was wearing a vintage version of this. Pine, woods, musk, cedar, smoke! An all time classic, although not one that fits well with many occasions due to it's strength and complexity. Can you do better than Polo "Green"? Just curious guys, I just bought the 118ml version of this from boots in the UK. Reviewed in the United States on August 9, 2018, Reviewed in the United States on March 15, 2019. Please try again later. It's a definite classic. I love it but you have to be in the right mood and the right state of mind for this, a old school swagger. This stuff can be horrible if you spray a lot, just a little is the only way to wear this. Honestly, this is the epitome of what a "mans" man fragrance should smell like. Manly as hell. The scent has definitely changed over the years, and I am fortunate to still have a Cosmair 4oz spray and 8oz splash that I will never use up, because I have so many other fragrances in my collection now. Baggy jeans, leather coat, hoodie, timberland boots, and polo green. I thought this might be one of those frags that I would take some time to enjoy, but I actually love this one on my initial testing. No doubt this fragrance should be in the hall of fame. Among the thousands of fragrance choices available there is a reason why Polo continues to remain relevant today. It is, I think, utterly unique. Choose from elaborate designs and ingenious cuts. Best way I can describe it is that it smells like money. I was about 7 or 8 years old when my father showed this gem to me and let me use to go Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio Deodorant for Men, 2.6 Ounce, RawChemistry Pheromone Cologne Gift Set - Bold, Extra Strength Formula, Giorgio Armani Acqua Di Gio For Men Deodorant, Alcohol Free TEJ, Polo Black by Ralph Lauren for Men 0.5 oz EDT (Travel Size), Ralph Lauren Polo Double Eau De Toilette Spray for Men, Black, 4.2 Ounce, © 1996-2020,, Inc. or its affiliates, Polo Black by Ralph Lauren for Men - 4.2 Ounce EDT Spray. It is quite a juice. This seems to contain all the qualities I have been looking for in fragrances like Aramis and Caron Yatagan. It radiates a lot of warmth, so in company with others, it's a sure winner for you. Wear this around the holidays, by the fireplace, in a cozy place, etc. However, when I want to go back in time to the greatest green, leathery, mossy performance beast of my young adulthood, I reach for this classic. And now I had my hubby try it and it was glorious, still. This is either old stock or a knock off. It was automatic. Could you really defend your family from onslaught after endless onslaught of pending chaos and death? I took it as a huge compliment! Calvin Klein Euphoria Men by Men's Cologne - Eau de Toilette ... Klein Obsession Men's Cologne - Eau de Toilette sale $38.25. Creamy Tahitian Vanilla Bean I wore this scent last friday and it got me unsolicited positive comments. Every woman needs a signature scent. It has a very classic scent that smells like a well put together older gentleman. With cotton-rich short-sleeve designs for warmer days and luxurious merino wool options for cooler evenings, we've got you covered, whatever the weather. I didn’t care for it at first, but with each successive wear, it’s wearing me down. Majestic Metallic 3/4 Button Down in Metal Navy $255; Majestic Leather Jacket in Ebene $695; Majestic Long Sleeve Viscose Striped Crewneck in Marine/Noir $160; Majestic Long Sleeve Viscose Striped Crewneck in Milk/Noir $160; Majestic Long Sleeve Zip Up Hoody $285; Majestic French Terry Moto Jacket $325; Majestic Long Sleeve Cardigan in Noir … One of my favourite frangraces, real masculine smell with great longevity, which gives you time to enjoy it in its different stages.starts of with grassy notes than finishes off with a leathery scent. Can’t expect more with the amount I paid for this perfume. (IMO, I would assess it was too popular). First time I wore this fragrance about 30 years ago. The sillage and longevity of this beast are the best that I have. It is simply a CLASSIC ,mature,clean, strong but a common and dated fragrance. I normally don´t like leather, but it´s not too much in this one. Please try again. My first serious fragrance. This is a clean, older-style scent, and is very much in my wheelhouse as a result. A: This neutrality gives it a status of 'only for men'. Uppon application it feels dated but after 15mins or so it becomes absolutely captivating... Dry, piney pipe tobbacco scent.. Its firm, strict, mature and manly. I must confess I have a sneaking admiration for anyone who can pull off wearing this beast, but I could only wear this bad-boy indoors. As well as timeless polo shirts in muted shades and … The scent's first impression had deep sour elements of fresh lime and spices that slowly warmed up to spicey notes and became somewhat woodier with hints of sweetness, not sugary or fruity but a mild sweetness to it. Heavy on the pine needles, and a almost burnt out, tar like campfire smell. It always smelled sharp, tarty, deep woodsy, to me, but over the weekend, it smelled relatively sweet. But it suits an older man best I think, so not quite for me yet. Moderate sillage and strong longevity. Don’t overdo it. It's way too woody, smoky and rustic smelling. it seems attracting and only suitable for young guys somehow? I checked the batch information with Ralph Lauren. It just always smells good. Perfume lovers: 598397 Now that my perfumer spoiled my nose with pure flower and wood extracts and Houbigant, I've lost desire for Polo fragrances, but I'm trying to relive my passion for this fragrance, that was my most "fancy" to my age, 12, now at 19, my most is the Haute Parfumerie of Harrods. Leather,oh ,man the leather!thank you carlos benaim you wizard genius you. The cap is made of cheap plastic (real ones are heavy and metal), and the scent only lasts about 3-4 hours. And it lasts ALL DAY LONG. I'm thinking 50+ with a limp and a beer belly. This to me is an absolute classic, ultimate alpha male scent. I'm apprehensive about bashing this one (but I will- it's forthcoming) because it's such a well loved classic. followed by green head spray bottles of cosmair . Patchouli. 5 / 10 for me. به نظر من قدیمی بودن معنی نداره.که این ادکلن رو جوونای الان نباید بزنن. Its balanced and a little spicy, earthy, and green with just a pinch of rose that makes it elegant and approachable. Some one said that it smells like death. May be it is a bad bottle or batch. Could you really swing a battle axe with one hand? If you do, you may want to check out Volkswagen Polo. Smelled harsh and synthetic. Menu The older perfume had more salty aspect in dry down, similar to what I get in dry down of Bogart signature. I will always have Polo in my collection, even if I decided to shrink it down to only 10 fragrances. Unlike my mother, who is an avid perfume lover with myriads of favorite scents, my father has solely ONE favorite.Though he has occasionally worn other fragrances he's been given as gifts he always goes back to his beloved Polo. however, i like to wear it myself, and i think it's a very good choice of cologne for women. Recently i was reading reviews of this and i found out that the the production around 2012 was not that great and the resent production is much more closer to rhe vintage. But Doesn't Last, Reviewed in the United States on July 9, 2019. The brand was founded in 1933 by French tennis legend René Lacoste, the proud pioneer of the piqué polo shirt. Vibrant Italian Mandarin & Bergamot⁠ Been wearing this fragrance for 20 years now and will always have a bottle in my collection. I compared July 2019 manufactured, stocky sprayer bottle with an older longer sprayer bottle (may be 2017-18). One of my top five, but I haven't purchased in some time. This is great to wear around christmas time because of the pine scent. Nice enough, but too sweet for my taste. I hope, for the sake of this legend, that it is better than what has been offered for the previous few years. Still, it's not a blind buy because the smell is so distinct. Willing to accept that could just be my imagination but, to my nose at any rate, it makes Polo something of an enigma. I loved it for its masculine juniper and pine as a child, and now I appreciate the subtle backbone of leather. Black Wheels and Black rims, in sizes 16 inch, 17 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, and 24 inches. Calvin Klein Men's Mini Fragrance 4-Piece Gift Set - Eau de Toilette ($83 Value) Reg. Not quite Cosmair quality, but pretty good. Warm Cassia Bark⁠ I love it. It is the unseen, unforgettable, ultimate accessory. This fragrance is very masculine and it projects. Ralph Lauren Men's Polo … Use it sparingly and the colder outside the better. Every colleague he's worked with or student he has taught forever associates him with the scent that remains long after he has left the room. Don’t wear a fragrance you wouldn’t wear if you were in jail. I notice a lot of the pine needles, especially at the exit, but after about 15 minutes until the end of the life of the perfume (which projects about 2 hours and fixes 9 hours), I feel a lot of tobacco, that very strong pipe tobacco. You can sense this old masterpiece influenced many scents by Amouage, nasomatto and others. it smells like a"virile man", meaning it smells like, "having strength, energy, and a strong sex drive". Basically, what hits you first is the mix of cut grass and other plants, then the unmistakable piquant smell of the black pepper. This is the Tony Montana of 70's Beast fragrances. Ralph Lauren Polo Deep Blue Parfum $85.00 - $138.00. Make no mistake, this is a real gem. This smells great. I really don't know about the reformulation. Hours later after the dry down, it smelled somewhat like the old stuff, but it still (to me) lacked that strong fresh green scent. This is a staple fragrance, and I'm happy to own it once again. All time classic. It can literally be choking at times. As many of you have reiterated this definitely should not be a blind purchase. but it will sure draw in the ladies who are looking for someone with confidence and warmth. Seems like Quorum's more masculine brother, sightly so, maybe they are twins, and this Polo is the more butch one. a distanza di circa 30 anni, il paragone con la versione originale è prima versione aveva un pino infinito...resinoso,pungente, persistente all' resina del pino, poteva tendere alla trementina, per poi tornare al fumo...una vera immersione in una selva verdissima su montagne racconto di Polo era una magnifica esperienza olfattiva...purtroppo ora si vive di soli ricordi. Totally unique in my opinion; wear sparingly. I bought this for my husband’s birthday and it’s delivered earlier than the schedule (right on his birthday), so I was super happy. They worshipped this stuff.As a girl child of a blue collar father, this scent represented the deep class chasm between us and them which made it all the more tempting and fun.

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